Interview with Author Olivia Stanton

So who is Olivia Stanton, Olivia has her own you-tube page where she goes by the name of NylaVox which means Champion Voice and there she entertains viewers on various of things. She also is an artist and a lover of photography, and most of all she has now become a successful author with her new book the worsening which is out now available on amazon via kindle format and audio book format and also iTunes via audio book, I have added the link at the bottom of the page for more information.

About the Book

Audio Book Narrated by Diana Steele

the worsening is a fast aced suspense thriller about a free spirited young girl named Carla. Recently out of relationship she decides to move to the city, her days and nights are spent managing a small cafe, trying to make ends meet. Her relationship with her mother has always been a turbulent one, and though she misses her father, she finds herself avoiding them–but an ominous phone call from her father and an unexpected visit from her brother Matty would change all that, and force her to face what she has been avoiding–“The Worsening.”

It was a pleasure to interview Olivia and get to know what inspires her

At what age did you start writing and what made you sit and start to write.

12 I started dabbling in poetry, by the age of 15, people were telling me. You should be a writer, by 25 I had heard it so many times, frankly I was tired of hearing it and began to just start a note here or there. The Worsening took four years.

As I spoke people would sit and listen, eyes wide. When I would stop, then would say, “And then?” Many seemed delighted and wanted to hear more. They would say things like, “Wow I was there, you really should write that.” So I did…

Are there any other writers that inspire you.

There are many writers who inspire me, but lean heaviest on early Stephen King.
There are many…I also like Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Allan Poe, Dante Alighieri, Lewis Carroll, Sir Conan Doyle, Scott B. Smith, Dean Koontz to name a few…I also read true crime and enjoy the work of local writers, Jesse P. Pollack and Mark Moran.
Are you only interested in one specific genre.

No, currently I am working on a fairy-tale. I feel I have two sides, (as most do) light and dark and I would like to be free to express both in my writing.

On a personal preference what do you prefer a eBook via a tablet or a papered book.

Definitely print, which is why I understand the demand of my readers and The Worsening is going to print, as will any of my future writings. There is nothing like the feel of a book in your hand.

What genre do you like to read yourself.

I enjoy suspense, thriller, fairytales etc. Mostly I enjoy, things that cause me to think, take me away or go bump in the night…

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time.

In 5 years time, I would like to see myself in a place of contentment. Where I will really be is anyone’s guess. Life doesn’t always put you on the path you seek, and even as you continue your journey, things seem to happen at the most unexpected times–both good and bad.

What advise would you give any aspiring writers.

Take your time, do it when you feel inspired. Don’t force it, you’ll break it.

So how about that, it has been amazing to interview such a spiritual lady and powerful author i want to wish Olivia all the best for the future and I will look forward to seeing future productions “good luck Olivia”.

Please to all readers take your time to click on the links below and check out the you-tube channel and go and get yourself a copy of THE WORSENING as i would recommend it as a great read.


Links:   (twitter)    (kindle endition)  (itunes edition)   (you-tube channel)


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